Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Lady and the Legend

Book Title:    The Lady and The Legend                          

Author:   Sharon De Vita

Publisher:  Musa Publishing

Genre: contemporary romance

Heat Level- sensual

Length-  118 pages

Reviewer name:    Nikki

Rating-  2.5 Lightning Bolts 

Heiress Victoria Fairchild is not just broke, she’s inherited a broken down football team as well. In order to sell the team—which she must-she needs to improve the image of the cantankerous coach who has a no-cut contract. Like it or him Victoria has no choice, if she wants to spare the family name and shame she will deal with this. . . coach and he will help her so she can sell the football team. But, not before sparks fly between these two hot-headed, stubborn people.

Review:   Two people that would normally have nothing to do with one another are pushed together to keep a team together.  Victoria is now the owner of “Gator's” team, much to his disliking,.

The two don't hit It off right away at all. Gator is not happy about Victoria, or what she's there for. And Victoria isn't fond of him either!  The story starts off right away with the two of them bickering like children, and it doesn't stop there. Many times throughout the book, they're squabbling with one another about something. Then all of a sudden they have feelings for each other?  To be honest, it doesn't feel realistic enough.  The fighting gets old, and I just couldn't relate with either of the pair.   Victoria had a bit of redeeming qualities when readers get a glimpse of her situation and the things she's been doing to keep things afloat.   That showed some good quality characterization in her, and it was the part that kept me going, so that I could try to understand more of who she was, and why she acted the way she did.

I've read many of Ms. De Vita's books and enjoyed them, but The Lady and The Legend just didn't work for me. The writing itself is good, the plot grabbed my attention. The characters were my downfall, with the irrational behavior.

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  1. Sounds like there are definitely some character issues in this book. Can't like everything all of the time. Thanks for the review

  2. I like bickering between characters so I will check this out. Sorry it didn't work for you, but thank you for the review!