Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: Intimate Persuasions

Book Title: Intimate Persuasions
Author: Nicole Morgan

Publisher: Siren

Genre: Contemporary Cowboy Romance

Heat Level: Spicy

Length: 57,201 words

Rating: Three Lighting Bolts

Reviewer: Tabitha

Blurb: Ann moved to Oakdale for a fresh start, and when she met Quinn, a sexy cowboy, she instantly fell for him. Unable to deny herself the need to have him, she gives in to a secret fantasy, only to fear their relationship will end before it truly starts.

Quinn soon realizes Ann means more to him than he ever could have imagined. He feels a connection with her that's much deeper than physical, but he has secret desires he keeps to himself, afraid to scare her with what he wants most.

Will they find a way to show each other their true selves and finally love each other completely? And if so, will Ann give him a part of herself she has given to no man before?

Ann moved to Oakdale to make a fresh start for herself but she never expected something as simple as a flat tire could change the course of her plans. When a very sexy cowboy saunters up and offers to help her, she is stunned by her actions. No one has ever made her want to throw caution to the wind like Quinn does. He is sex incarnate from his southern draw and sexy hat, to his tight fitting jeans.

Quinn is shocked when Ann propositions him on the side of the road. Demanding he satisfy her needs right there for anyone to see. But he just doesnft have the will power to say no to the sexy stranger, whofs touch causes his heart to beat faster.

Ann figures she will never see the sexy stranger again and she isnft sure how she feels about that. Heading to the job interview she was late to because of the flat tire she is shocked when the boss turns out to be none other than the hot cowboy she had sex with on the side of the road.

This was a good read. The story is really about trust and exposing your hidden desires. Would you be comfortable enough to tell your partner all bout your sexual desires and face the chance of rejection? The characters in Intimate Persuasions struggle with being who they are in the bedroom in fear of losing each other. Ifm a little on the fence about the secrets and the only reason I say that is because the things they want arenft really that taboo to me. However, thatfs just my opinion. What one person finds taboo may not be that big a deal to another so donft let that stop you from checking out this story.

To sum it all up it was  a very sexy read and the characters really loved each other.  In my opinion that is what makes a good romance. Nicole Morgan really knows how to heat up the pages. I will be looking for more in this series. Kudos to Nicole for weaving another great story.

Happy Reading,
Tabitha Blake

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  1. Good review! I haven't read anything by this author before but I'll take a look at her backlist to see what else she might have to tempt me with