Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Chasing A Dream

Book Title:   Chasing A Dream

Author:  Beth Cornelison

Publisher: TKA Distribution

Genre: romantic suspense

Heat Level- spicy

Length-  321 pages

Reviewer name:  Nikki

Rating-  4.5 Lightning Bolts 


She's running from a nightmare...

Tess Sinclair must hide. Hunted by a powerful man who wants her dead, Tess flees her Texas home in search of anonymity, safety, and a new life. While a flat tire and stormy weather slow her escape, they prove the least of her worries. Just hours after her getaway, a hired gunman tracks her down. Grabbed in a parking lot, Tess is certain she'll be killed ... until a handsome hitchhiker intervenes. But can she trust the blue-eyed cowboy who appoints himself her guardian?

 He's chasing a dream . . .

Nothing can stop Justin Boyd from his pursuit of a music career in Nashville--except a woman in peril. Haunted by his sister's murder, Justin can't walk away from Tess until he knows she's safe. Justin puts his dreams of the music spotlight on hold until he can make amends for mistakes from his past. Yet the stakes in this game of vengeance are higher than he ever imagined, and the price for freeing Tess might be his own life.

Review: Denying the truth can only take you down a bad road. When that road turns deadly, it's time to  run.

So that's exactly what Tess does. The sting of a fresh wound, and fear fuels her need to get away, fast. She's lived in the shadows of a controlling and evil man for far too long. Things turn for the worse when she overhears something and finds out another startling, heartbreaking revelation. Tess is a woman in hiding. Though I don't understand why it took her so long to leave her husband, I am glad she did. And so starts this fast paced suspense read.

Untrusting and in trouble, Tess meets the book's hero, Justin. He's got a haunted past, but big dreams of getting a recording contact in Nashville. His run in with Tess starts with him helping her with cat trouble, and she oddly repays him by giving him a ride.

I loved Tess and Justin's journey. From the awkward stage of learning about one another, to the moment where Tess lets it all out, to the point where the pair is separated and things aren't looking the best for the couple, to the happy ending. Everything in between sure managed to steal my heart, make me gasp, and catch my breath.

Two strangers with a heart on the mend. Killers on their trail. A bond that begins to weave so tightly, and a love forming against the odds/ Can you ask for anything better in a romantic suspense? This story is always on the go, there's never a moment that I wasn't hanging on. Beth Cornelison writes some top notch, edge of your seat romantic suspense, and is an author I can turn to in this genre to keep my satisfied. Chasing a Dream is another wonderful story penned from this very promising author.

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  1. Thanks for the review - I've read several of Beth's books in the past and have enjoyed them and this sounds like another great addition to her list of books.