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Monday Blues Promotion: July 16th

Welcome to Monday! Well, okay, Monday sucks, but how about welcome to Monday Blues Promotion!

Here's how it works! You get to share an excerpt with us, but here's a's based upon a theme! Yes, that's it. There's no other catch, I promise. Really, it's that simple.

When posting your excerpt, please include Title, author, and a buy link. If the book isn't out yet, or it's a work in progress, just say so. Then maybe post a link to your website so readers can find you. :)

Excerpts shouldn't be longer than 750 words.


Are you


for the


Come on, can't you feel the


LOL. That's the theme. Anticipation.

Is a character anticipating something, or someone?   Come on, get create here :) Show me some anticipating.

I am anticipating your excerpts.

Yes, I know I'm a bit on the corny side today. Sorry. Lol. Or maybe I'm not.

Have fun, share with your followers, and bring on the excerpts!


  1. Dangerous to Know – Available NOW from Astraea Press Amazon and all good online book stores!
    Jerome Mayer is tall, dark and dangerous to know. Normally Gemma would run a mile, but with a freshly broken heart maybe it’s time for this good girl to take a walk on the wild side. However the danger to them both turns out to be more than just emotional when someone objects to their attempts to uncover a corrupt land deal.
    “Dangerous to know.”
    Nathalie’s words about her elder brother, Jerome, resonated in Gemma’s mind.
    “Strawberries taste better when they’re dipped in chocolate.” Jerome suggested and dangled one near her mouth.
    Gemma licked her lips, a gesture that was purely automatic. It felt very warm inside Nathalie’s sitting room and she struggled to draw enough air into her lungs.
    Why had she decided the best way to get over being dumped yet again was to boost her confidence by flirting with Jerome? The corners of his deep blue eyes crinkled and she knew he found her naïve attempts at flirtation amusing.
    Gemma leaned forward and took the fruit from his fingers with her teeth. She chewed and swallowed as Jerome’s pupils darkened in the soft light from a nearby lamp.
    “You’re right. It makes all the difference.” Even to her own ears her voice sounded husky.
    He smiled and her heart skipped a beat. “Well, there’s more if you want some.” His fingertips were coated in melted chocolate from the fountain that stood in the centre of the platter of fresh fruit.
    His words held the unmistakable note of challenge. Gemma sucked in air. This was not a good idea. She was in too deep. She tried not to stare at his fingers or imagine the taste of his skin. Phew, she felt hot…
    “Gemma, Tali says could you come and be on the photo she’s taking?”
    Gemma blinked and tore her eyes away from Jerome. Polly, Nathalie’s little stepdaughter, stood waiting in her pink party dress.
    “Of course, where is she?”
    “She’s in the hall. She said to get you as well, Uncle Jerome.”
    “Lead the way then, princess.” Jerome wiped his hands on a napkin and leaned forward to murmur, “Later,” in Gemma’s ear. His words fell soft and intimate on her hot face and her heart rate quickened.
    © Nell Dixon 2011

    ‘This story had me going from the very start. I was curious to find out what was going to happen to them and if Gemma would finally realize all she needed to do to feel better was be true to herself. I like the way Gemma figures things out even though it takes a while. I also like Jerome being so careful about things. He is a sweetie. I enjoyed this book a lot and eagerly anticipate the next one by this author.’ 4 Coffee cups – from Coffeetime Romance reviews Romance with Heart to read the first chapter and to join my quarterly subscribers newsletter.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!! Mwah!

  2. Here you go, Nikki. This is the beginning of my upcoming release, TUG, Book One in The Seduction of Sin Series.

    Have you ever done something you knew was wrong and the thrill sent you into an erotic tizzy? I hadn't. Not until that day. Even had I known then what I now know, I couldn't have stopped myself. The tug was too strong.


    I sat in a dark Italian ristorante in the port of Houston, waiting for him. Traditional Italian music piped in from speakers above. Not that I could see them. A trellis of fake grapes and wicker-covered Chianti bottles littered the ceiling and dim lighting added to my heightened sexual excitement.

    The feeling I was breaking the rules pulsed in my clit like an inside-out orgasm waiting to detonate. What rules I couldn't be quite sure. But sitting in a deserted restaurant thirty miles out of my way in the middle of the day was proof enough my motives weren't honorable.

    I surveyed the other patrons – all three of them – while I sipped my Disarrano on the rocks. I'd acquired a taste for amaretto dining out with Vince. Daddy had never let us eat out. We always ate supper together in the dining room. That's why I hired the damn chef, he said. That was before Mother died.

    The smooth, sweet, almond flavor of the drink glided across my tongue, and the bite lit my throat in warmth as it slid down. I glanced at my watch again – still surprised by the flash of the diamond on my finger – then to the face of my phone. Two minutes until noon and no message. My toes tapped incessantly and thoughts flew through my mind like shuffling cards.

    Technically, he wasn't late, but he sure as hell cut it close. I scrapped my bottom lip with my teeth. I shouldn't be here. I'd give him 'till five after then I was out of there, not even sure why I'd come in the first place.

    I sensed him the minute he walked in. I couldn't see the door from where I sat, but his sleek presence filled the room like the liquor filled my mouth. Warmth that had nothing to do with amaretto flushed my body.

    He caught my gaze, then sauntered over, pulled out the straight-backed chair and poured himself into it. His dark hair laid slicked back from his face, and his malachite eyes hid the truth of who he was as they stripped me to my naked soul.

    My pulse pounded in my neck, and I flitted a glanced to my watch. Noon. Right on time. What a player.

    He laid his forearm on the table and drummed his lean fingers as he studied me and my almost-empty glass. "Been waiting long, Ms. Barnes?"

  3. Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk at

    Thank you!!

    Amanda Kane has spent years with a secret society of Lakota women, who taught her the ancient ways. She has sought the help of the Grandmothers, from beyond the veil, to help her stop the man behind the mask. They point her to the visions she has always had of the man she’s destined to marry—a cowboy who will help save her ranch. But Hawk is no ordinary cowboy. He carries a powerful secret. A secret that leads to betrayal.


    He was magnificent—standing there, waiting for her to reach his side. And soon after she did, their lives became irrevocably woven together. Mandy likened it to a silvery, invisible thread, joining their hearts. And she knew the Grandmothers smiled.

    She felt rebellious right now with their sure vision of her path. A path with Hawk … their lives entwined. Her heart pounded—fanciful thoughts. But her mind soon followed down the path her heart had taken, with what would have been—could have been—had she not insisted this marriage be in name only.

    “Second thoughts already?” his whisper caressed her face.

    She shook her head at Hawk. “No, the marriage has its merits,” she answered, trying for a neutral tone.

    He let that jab slide, grinning. “I wasn’t talking about the marriage—exactly.”

    Startled, she looked up and was captured, completely off guard, by the intense look in his gold eyes. He’d read her mind again, drat the man; or was her body giving her away?

    She should look away—really she should—but suddenly she couldn’t remember why.

    “Give over, Mandy,” he whispered. His gaze refused to release her from the fine thread he was weaving around her. She was caressed by it—captured by it. And each time, the web grew stronger. “You want this marriage in every way, every bit as much as I; admit it, Mandy.” His low voice fanned the flames.

    Mandy opened her mouth, then shut it. She fought for control, lost, and opened her mouth again, but the words of denial wouldn’t come.

    His hand touched the side of her face, his thumb sliding possessively over her lips, stroking her bottom lip again and again until she thought she would faint with pleasure.

    She’d made a fatal mistake with her heart, thinking she could control this. She should have listened to the danger signs—to all the warnings, and now it was too late. There was no holding back—any part of her; at least, not anything strong enough to hold back this tide of love—and desire. Even though the love part lay only on her side.

    She’d been a fool.

    And her heart was going to pay the price; but she couldn’t stop now.


    Hawk’s intense, green-gold eyes searched her face, and knew the exact instant she surrendered, and only by iron will did he wait to hear the words.

    Words avowing her complete surrender.

    She nodded.

    He shook his head. “Say it,” he softly commanded. “Tell me what you want.”

    Mandy’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips and heard Hawk groan. She swallowed, her eyes closing for a moment with her body’s reaction to that simple sound. The fires were rapidly burning out of control. “You.” She looked into his golden gaze. “I want you.”

  4. Hi and thank you Nikki. This excerpt comes from my recently released novel Curse of the Wolf: I hope you enjoy the anticipation of what is to come next.


    In her human-like Veela form, Gloriana Canis was at a distinct disadvantage. Her feet pounded against the ground as she ran, she crashed through the underbrush, and tripped upon the branches that reached up to snatch her legs. With a muffled growl, she paused as she forced her body to shift into her more powerful wolfen form.
    Dashing after the intruders, she silently passed beneath the low lying branches and bounded over the roots. Her paws silently absorbed the sounds as the ground blurred beneath her. Lifting her snout, she sniffed. Her eyes searched the timber, but she saw none of the pack that had invaded her territory.
    The scent of the gray Werewolf was a mix of triumph, malice, and anger, but there were no traces of fear.
    He’s a fool. The thieving Were should feel fear above anything else—because I soon will be upon him.
    When she found the beast, she would tear at his soft flesh…the least vital parts first. Before she finished, he would undoubtedly cry for mercy, but no matter how hard he cried, or how desperately he pleaded, he would find none. The man had tried to steal Baldur’s Vitam Aeternam ring, the ring of eternal life, from her. The ring was the final memento of Baldur’s existence, of their fight for love against all odds and the curse that had taken his life. The Were would have no easy death.
    Deeper into the woods, the scent of the gray alpha Were lessened and was replaced by the musky scent of the brown beta she had seen circling the alpha that had attempted an attack.
    Her strides grew more rapid. She was close.
    Weaving around a boulder, her body collapsed as the ground gave way. Her paws clawed at the soft earth, desperate to stop the fall, but the dirt crumbled beneath her touch. She yelped in fear as she clawed, but it was too late. Her body flipped into the earth’s open maw.
    The stakes drove into her soft flesh. Hot, searing pain invaded her body.
    Howling, she tried to leap, struggle—anything to free her body—but the motions only drove the stakes deeper, worsening her agony.
    A fire burned deep in her flank and she caught the scent of blood on the stakes that now were wedged in her flesh. Hydra blood.
    The venom pumped through her veins and acrid poison filled her mouth. Her vision began to fade. Fire tore through her and she was forced to find refuge from the pain.
    My dearest Goddess, Epione, she prayed, do not let the curse of the loving Veela take me. I promise that if you let me live, I will make find Baldur’s killer and make him pay. Please, please do not deliver my soul to the underworld. I must complete my mission.
    She could feel the sun rising in the distance. Would this morning be her last?
    A light illuminated the grave-like pit.
    Expecting a torch bearing lampade to lead her to the underworld, she was surprised when a tall man appeared with a flashlight in his hand. He stood at the edge of the pit, his other hand on his hip and a scowl on his face.
    She growled, but as the rumble escaped her, it was replaced with a yelp.
    The thief had returned to finish her.
    He reached down to her and said something, but it sounded as if he was talking through water. When he spoke again, she heard him say, “Shifter, I’m Alex…” but the rest of his words were lost in the muffling pain circulating through her body.
    She tried to pull away from his touch, but her paws felt like lead weights and she struggled to move.
    The pain radiated from the stakes in her flesh. Unable to fight the poison any longer, her eyes closed. Her mind went black.

    Please feel free to find me at :) And thank you again.
    Danica Winters

  5. Blossoms for the May Queen, by Tinnekke Bebout. Available as part of the Taboo anthology released by Ishtar Press.

    Alison and Vince arrived home from a light but satisfying lunch, and shared a passionate kiss in the garage before heading inside. “No mussing the dress, Love,” Alison giggled as Vince’s hands got friendly, “it’s for tonight, remember?”
    Vince laughed mischievously, “But it’s so very nice to touch, especially with you in it. How can a man resist?”
    Alison smiled at the flattery but pushed his hands away gently. “Nice try, Hon. Now I need to change so this can remain perfect. I can’t garden wearing it, and I have to have those flowers ready by the time Marianne gets back.”
    Vince sighed in mock-consternation, “Oh very well.” He gave her one last ogle, and then headed up to his loft.

  6. Here's a taste from my contemporary romance, Clear As Day, available at The Wild Rose Press: and Amazon:

    Whatever rubbish he’d been blurting out while they ate was working. She began sharing bits of her summer travels, sights she’d seen, and work she’d accomplished. Gradually, the sensual, happy warmth he longed to see edged the last anxious nerves from her blue eyes, and desire bloomed.

    Everyone else might buy the artistic free-spirit act Kay carried off with aplomb, but at her core, his Kay was all plans, order, and routine. Heck, one glance at her tidy camp proved her organized mind in an instant.

    His Kay. He took a long swallow of champagne. The clean, fresh taste of her fair, freckled skin, her generous mouth, her slim, strong body wet and cool against him flooded his mind. Be patient.

    He watched her mouth close on a bite of fish, slide along the fork.

    His hard-on ached and he shifted in the chair. Kay blushed, but mirth gleamed in her eyes as she sipped from her glass.

    Don’t push. Or should he? Oh, hell. Patience was a lost cause. It had been a long, long year. He’d been half-hard since landing at LAX, and now with her here…

    Be patient. Every reunion was this way, both of them wanting, desperate for each other when they got within reach, but Kay needing to close the space between them first. Yeah, Kay made him freaking nuts, but damn, she was worth the wait. When her reserve fell away, her blue eyes softened, and she made her move to him, she was every fantasy, every hope he’d ever had.

    1. I love Clear As Day! Can't wait for more books from you! :)

    2. Thanks, Nikki, I'm working on them. :)

    3. Hi, Babette. Sounds like a great story.

  7. Thanks so much, Nikki, for letting us post our 'anticipation' excerpts. Here's one from my paranormal romance Wait Until Moonrise.

    Nicholas stopped running.

    A slipper lay in a square of moonlight between him and the shadowed doorway through which the young woman had vanished. Kneeling, he lifted the slipper reverently in both hands.

    “Neither gold nor glass,” he whispered. “But as precious.”

    Caressing the fuzzy, pink nap with his thumbs, he lifted his gaze again to the ancient stone arch. Beyond the shadows of the open doorway, a faint light burned, and he heard the patter of bare, running feet on marble.

    “She heard me.” Reason cindered in a spark of hope. “She saw me!”

    Clutching the slipper to his chest, he straightened and ran after Bria. In the vestibule, electric lights shimmered against the mist in his eyes, but through that gilded haze, he saw a flash of white. She was halfway up the stairs…

    “In the name of God—stop!” His voice rang vibrant in the night, but did not check her flight. She ran up the stairs at the desperate pace of one who has seen the dead walk.

    Nicholas followed, boot heels ringing against the marble floor. He took the stairs two steps at a stride, and the second floor landing trembled at his urgent passage. But the young woman proved swifter than he. Reaching the bridal chamber, he found the door locked against him.

    Undaunted, he shoved his right hand into his trousers’ pocket and drew forth a heavy ring of keys. The familiar bunch jangled as his trembling fingers sought the key that would fit this lock, and precious seconds passed before he fumbled the door open.

    A flood of light poured over him. Squinting against it, he crossed the sitting room to her bedroom. The young woman huddled in the center of the bed, sheets pulled over her knees, fists twisted in the fine linen. Her gray-blue eyes glistened as she cast a frightened glance around the room.

    Nicholas approached the bed slowly, her scruffy pink slipper clutched to his chest. “How long…” He choked on the words. “How long have I awaited this moment?”

    Wait Until Moonrise by Teri Thackston; available at

  8. Here's a section from THE BULL RIDER'S BROTHER -available from Crimson Romance - Amazon:
    Thanks for pulling me out of the Monday blues...

    Two hours later, they had a plan. Not only for cleaning up the cabins, but a shopping list. She had linens for the cabins, but needed new pillows. And it never hurt to have extra towels for the spa baths.
    “I‘ll give you my credit card and you can run into Boise and pick up your supplies at the warehouse store after I‘m gone.”‖
    “And how will you get back your card?”‖ Lizzie dumped the dregs from her cup into the sink and rinsed the cup.
    “I told you I‘d be back next week.”‖ James came up behind her and put his head on her shoulder, his body melding into hers. “Don‘t you listen, woman? Or don‘t you believe me?”
    Her breath caught as she tried hard not to melt into his arms. “James, you can have all the intentions of coming back, but like you even said, it depends on where Jesse‘s riding. You can‘t be two places at once.”
    “A man may not be able to serve two masters,” James said, pulling away from her to get his cup off the table, “but he can do everything in his power to be dependable both on the job and with his family.”‖ He set the mug in the sink. “Do you mind if I crash on your couch? I don‘t think I can keep my eyes open long enough to drive back to town.”
    Kiss him. Take him back up to your room. Show him why he should choose you this time.
    Ignoring mind and body, Lizzie headed to the linen closet in the laundry room. She returned with a set of sheets, a quilt, and a pillow. She thrust the pile into James‘s arms. “I can‘t tell you it‘s very comfortable, but you won‘t be cold.”
    “Thanks, Lizzie, for everything.”‖
    James reached for her, but Lizzie turned away. If he touched her, she was a goner.
    “I‘ll see you in the morning. You still like ham and cheese omelets?” She headed up the stairs.
    “Whatever you fix is fine with me.”‖
    Lizzie waited until she reached the top of the stairs before sprinting to her room and closing the door. She leaned it closed, her heart beating faster.
    Calm down, Liz. He‘s only here for JR. Remember that.‖
    Lizzie got into her cotton nightdress and slipped between the sheets of her queen size bed. She bunched up a pillow and stared at it. Words she‘d wanted to say for years floated through her mind. But every time she thought of the best way to tell James how she still felt him, a vision of him and Jesse walking away to the next rodeo intruded.
    Restlessly she tossed and turned, wanting to blame the coffee for her inability to sleep. And knowing if she did it would be a lie.
    “I give up. Do you hear me, God? I give up.”‖ Lizzie rolled over and closed her eyes.
    It took forever, but sleep finally came.

    1. Sounds good. Downloaded it to my Kindle!

    2. Hi, Lynn. Definitely anticipation! You can really feel her longing.

    3. Hi Mary - I hope you like BRB!

      Diane, I'm just seeing your everywhere! Thanks for reading. I love this section because as I wrote it, I wanted her to give in, but then I thought, no - I need to torture her just a little more. LOL