Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Sweet Redemption

Title: Sweet Redemption

Author: Nicole Morgan

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Suspense

Heat Level: Hot

Reviewer: Tabitha



Tamara is in an unsatisfying relationship with her boyfriend, Brent. She is shocked when she learns he has been unfaithful. Seething with the betrayal, Tamara throws herself into a night of passion with the sexy owner of the health club she attends.

Jack, a former Navy SEAL and current health club owner, is wrestling with demons from his past. A former SEAL mission that went horribly wrong has left him struggling with issues of betrayal.

Brent is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Tamara back. His desire for her becomes an obsession that he cannot control. He sets out to destroy anyone that stands in his way. Will Brent succeed? Or will the power of Jack and Tamara’s love give them the courage to fight against an unrelenting evil?

This story started as a one night fling and Nicole Morgan spun it into a beautiful romance. Not to mention the villain was brilliantly written. It was truly a very good story. At times the story seemed to slow down but this wasn’t enough to make me stop reading.

Jack is a womanizer struggling with some deep seeded issues until he meets Tamara. She is the only woman that has managed to get past all his barriers and refusing to let go of his heart.  Soon Jack realizes Tamara letting go is the last thing he wants.

Tamara is a woman scorned and just wants to have a fling with a guy that will give her whatever she wants in bed. Her ex stifled her sexuality and she plans to remedy that with one night of hot sex with Jack.

The characters were vivid and at times hilarious. I loved Rex, Jack’s long time Navy Seal Buddy. Rex is the flirty and sarcastic sidekick that helped to bring humor to this story. Not to mention, Brent, Tamara’s evil ex-boyfriend. At times, you just cringe and gasp at the vileness of this character. It’s tough to write a really great bad guy that readers love to hate and Nicole did this with flying colors.

I look forward to reading more in this series.

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  1. Good review! I love when a bad villain is well you something to boo and hiss about

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the supporting characters. Rex will knock your socks off in the 2nd book - Sweet Salvation :)

    Nicole Morgan