Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Sophrina and The Vampire

TITLE: Sophronia and the Vampire                 

AUTHOR: Jacqueline Farrell

PUBLISHER: Lyrical Press

GENRE: Romance/Paranormal


RATING: 3 Lightning Bolts

Blurb: It's been a while since witches had to worry about being burnt at the stake…

Forty-nine, English and a professional crone, Sophronia is touring America when she is forced to spend the night at a run-down motel on the Californian coast. Her expectations aren't high- - if the bed's clean and the toilet flushes she'll count herself lucky. But events are about to become far more interesting. The motel owner is a juvenile witch unaware of her heritage and in dire need of help, especially when vampires turn up...

As I finished reading this book, I have a few mixed feelings. I love the story concept, but felt it could have been better.  The book starts off fast and stays that way until the end, I loved this. I like when the charters take you on a wild ride. I love our heroine, Sophrina.  She is an experienced and learned woman. Full of whit that makes you want to smile. Sophrina is a witch in the Crone stage of life, the most powerful of the three. A maiden witch is just learning what she is. A mother witch knows what her gifts and learns to use them. A crone witch becomes more powerful with age. She struggles with fears of her past while trying to help the young maiden witch Charlie. Charlie is a maiden witch who has not a clue what she is or how dangerous it is for a witch to be in the service of a vampire.
Hagen, our 2,000 year old vampire, has had much experience in keeping witches with him for service their gifts.  Hagen has never encountered a witch like Sophrina, who will talk about and give her opinions.  She questions him, and demands thing, while trying to figure out how to get away.
I enjoyed this book, for it moved fast.  I like the main and secondary charters.  I love the wittiness that pops up all over the book.  I was, however left wanting more when I finished.   

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