Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: Ain't Misbehavin'

Book Title: Ain't Misbehavin'

Author: Molly Cannon

Publisher: Forever

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level- spicy

Length- 374 pages

Reviewer name: Nikki

Rating:  4 Lightning Bolts


Marla Jean Bandy might be down, but she's not out. Even though her no-good ex-husband left her for another woman-a Bookmobile-driving librarian twenty years her senior-Marla Jean won't settle for another lonely night. She's not ready for Mr. Right, but why not have a little fun with Mr. Right Now? The only wrench in her plan is her childhood crush, Jake-and the memory of the one toe-curling kiss they shared on a hot summer night years ago . . . 

One look at Marla Jean is enough to make any red-blooded man sit up and take notice-especially the kind of man nice girls should avoid. Jake knows he should let her make her own mistakes, but he owes it to her brother to look after her. Trouble is, the harder he tries to do the right thing, the harder it is to resist Marla Jean. She needs a man to make her believe love will last, and for once in his life, Jake wonders if that could be him.

Review: If anyone thinks small towns aren't exciting, they don't live in Marla Jean Bandy's town...though I can't imagine she'd think the situation is exciting. No, for Marla Jean, it's quite infuriating, humiliating, and down right messed up.

One could say Marla Jean is a woman scorned. It's not easy living in the same town with her ex husband and new girlfriend. With mixed up emotions, Marla Jean gets herself into some not so great situations. She doesn't expect any saving, yet there is her brother's good friend, Jake, coming to her rescue it seems, at every turn. Marla Jean cracks me up! I can't imagine what she's going through, but she sure seems to keep her chin up, even though there's feelings buried within her that are just aching to explode. She's a strong heroine, one that I admire and really rooted for. She deserves a break after the things she's endured. Come on, Marla Jean for the win!

Jake doesn't even know what he's getting into. He's keeping an eye out on Marla Jean, which is...well, not the easiest thing to do at the moment. She's bound and determined to have her a little fun, and get into some trouble too. Can anyone blame her? I admire Jake for being there for her. Marla Jean and her divorce are quite the profilic news in town, and people are taking sides.

I love the talk in this book! There's words used such as “tarnation” and other words that cracked me up. This book is light and funny, but it's also a story about love, second chances, forgiving, and moving on. The characters jump out and are not easily going to be forgotten. Marla Jean and Jake both grow as characters in the book, and reading their unfolding love story led me on an adventure of happy smiles and a few tears, too. Molly Cannon's Ain't Misbehavin' is a sparkling sensation. The writing is witty, smooth and fantastic. I eagerly anticipate more from this author. Ain't Misbehaving is a charming debut! I highly recommend this book!

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  1. Good review! This sounds like a fun book to read -adding it to my wishlist

  2. The name alone suggests a fun and light read...and I enjoyed your review :)

  3. Whoa, I seriously like the cover--and your review was excellent.