Friday, June 22, 2012

Follow Me Friday: Blog Style June 22.

Hi! Welcome to Follow Me Friday: Blog Style! I believe that book bloggers should help one another, because well, we all have one thing in common- the love of blogging, and books. I've had the pleasure of meeting and networking with some great bloggers out there, and my little tribute to everyone is to start up this fun Friday post! The power of uniting has helped Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More grow into what it is today, and I'm not about to forget the help I've gotten to achieve this goal. My hopes in starting this is to get other blogs some more followers, whether they are a well known blog or a small one, a blog that's just starting out. I'm here to help.

This Friday I'd like to feature Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services. The owner/create of this blog is Carey Abbott. I hope you'll follow along as I ask some questions pertaining to the blog, and a few fun questions. Ready? Let's begin!

Hi! Welcome to Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More! I'm really excited about this, and glad that you have taken part in the fun!

Thank you Nikki for having me. I’m really excited to share my new project with everyone.

So, tell us a little bit about yourself!
Well I’m a paranormal romance writer, book reviewer and cover artist. Most of you know me as Tabitha Blake. I love to read, write and blog. I’m proud to be a mother to six wonderful children, and wife to the love of my life. I couldn’t ask for more.
What made you decide to start a blog?
Yeah! I get to tell you about my new venture. I’m in the process of starting a freelance business that will offer writers a wide range of services all in one place. As a writer, I have heard all the things my fellow writers seem to be searching for and I figured why not pull resources together to help authors succeed. So Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services was born. We are an author promo site and more.
How did you come up with a blog name?
I knew I wanted a wild animal theme to the blog. Then I found a picture of a lion that is done in flames. I loved it and decided that would be our Logo. So I had to find a name to fit the picture and I came up with Safari Heat Book Tours and Author Services. Funny how things happen. A picture can really be inspiring.

How many people do you have on staff, and how do you decide who does what job?
Right now we have four people on staff but we are looking to fill positions in the company. Everyone that will be working for Sari Heat has to be experienced in the position they’re hired for. I want authors to get quality work. No one should have to pay for a mediocre outcome. We pride ourselves in customer service. Every customer should walk away feeling like they are our most important person on the planet.
What type of things do you do? Services you provide?
We offer a wide range of services. I’ll just list them all for you.
Book Tours
Talk Radio Spots
Book Reviews
Cover Art
Tags and Likes Group
Blog Follower Contests
Author Interviews
Author Spotlights on SH Blog and Tabby’s Nocturnal Nights blog
Live Author Chats
Book Marks and Business Cards
Beta Readers
And we will be adding services as we go because we have a page authors can request us to add a service to the site. I figure if they need the service, we will add it. Authors are our business and we will try our best to add any services they feel will help them promo their work.

What are THREE unique things about your blog?
1) Every freelancer on the site is highly trained to do their job.
2) Every customer is treated with respect and we work hard to achieve the author’s goals.
3) As a writer I know what authors are looking for and I’m open to adding anything that a fellow author needs to get off to a good start. No one understands an author’s needs better than another author.

How does one go about becoming a reviewer for you?
We are accepting reviewers on the Safari Heat site. I just need to see reviews they have done and if they meet the requirements then they will be accepted as a non-paid employee. I don’t agree with paying for reviews. Reviews should always be free. Our reviewers receive an arc to review the book and that’s it. If you are interested in reviewing for us you can email me at:

Where can readers find you?
Twitter: safari_heat

How do you accept review requests? What genre's do you review?
They would just send an email with the request and then we would get them set up with a reviewer. We would review any genre. Everyone deserves a review no matter what kind of books they write.

How would an author go about getting a feature, whether it be an interview, guest post, etc?
All they need to do is send an email telling us what services they are interested in. Just use the email above. Now we are still in the process of hiring employees right now but please sign up to follow us and we will put a call out when everything is up and running.

Some fun questions:

Favorite authors?
(Gena Showalter) I love her Lord’s of The Underworld Series!

Favorite TV show?
Right now it’s Dallas. I loved the original and now I am addicted to the new one. I love drama and they have tons of it. LOL!

Favorite color?
Pink! I love the color pink! It all started after I had my daughter after having three boys. I went pink crazy and it just stuck. LOL!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, no money holding you back, where would you go?
I would go the Scotland. It is such a beautiful place and I love the accent. LOL!

Anything else you'd like to add in, maybe something I didn't ask in the interview that you'd love to share with readers?
We are looking to fill the following paid positions:
Talk Radio Host
Live Chat coordinator
Website Designer
Book Mark and Business Card Designer
Beta Readers

We also need blogs willing to host our blog tours. It’s a great way to get traffic to your blog. But we ask that the blogs have at least 100 followers. We want to make sure our authors that are paying for our service get good exposure.

We need experienced in house reviewers and review sites to join us as well. Review sites don’t have to be huge. We welcome the large review sites and small ones as well.

I really appreciate you answering my questions. It's great getting to know other bloggers that share the same interests as I do. Before we end this post, please share any links that come in handy for you and your blog.
I really enjoyed it. Thanks for having me. If anyone has any question, I will be popping by the blog throughout the day. So ask away. Please feel free to share this blog with all your writer friends or people you know that are qualified to fill our open positron and we need blogs for our tours.

Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake

Readers, I hope you'll check out this blog and give it a follow if you haven't already!


  1. Great interview and love the book covers!

    1. Thanks Taryn! I really enjoy doing them. It's a lot of fun.

  2. Great interview ladies. Good luck with your new venture. It will be great. Authors need services like yours. :)


    1. Thaks Marika! We are going to try and keep our cost really reasonable so every author can afford our services. It is taking time but we will be up and running soon.

  3. Great interview! Safari Heat Book Tours and Author services sounds like a promising venture for new and established authors to use.

    1. Thanks Maria! We want to welcome all authors no matter the genre, heat level, newly published and seasoned authors as well.

  4. Best wishes on your exciting new adventure, Carey!! Safari Heat Book Tours sounds like a one-stop shop for all authors.

    1. Thanks Sheri! That is our plan a one stop shop for every author.

  5. Wishing you the best of luck with this. A lot of author out there can use this service.

    1. Thanks Daryl! I have heard so many authors asking for these services I decided to pull our resources together and help out.

  6. Sounds wonderful - will remember it when my next release comes out.

    1. Thanks Victoria! We will gladly help out with anything you may need to get the word out about your new release.

  7. I'm so excited for you all. This is fantastic. I like all the different services your business offers.

    1. Thanks Brenda! We were trying to cover a lot if ground with our services and I'm excited to say as of today we have an editor. Yeah!

    2. Awesome--things are coming together.

  8. Very awesome, chickie. I wish you so much luck!

  9. Congratulations on getting this off the ground. You'll have to get a button or something we can put on our sites. I found a great writing tool from seeing it on someone elses site, so they do work.
    Very cool.
    Cora Blu

    1. I will have to do that. Thanks! I'm really excited about this new venture.

  10. Loved your interview! Wish you tons of good fortune with your new venture, sounds very exciting. AND I love your covers.

    1. Thanks Lawna! If you ever need a cover just let me know.