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Liz Matis Review

As part of a Chick Lit Plus blog tour, I'm posing a review for Love By Design, written by author Liz Matis. Along with the review will be an enticing excerpt for readers to drool over. Well, at least, that's the goal :)

Here's some Love By Design Info!

THE BLURB: Design Intervention starts the second season with its own surprise makeover. Interior designer Victoria Bryce must break in her temporary co-host, Aussie Russ Rowland. Victoria, former socialite wild child hopes the reality show will give her the clout to launch her own design line without her family connections. Russ, former bad boy Australian TV star is using the show to launch his acting career in the States. Sparks fly on camera as they argue over paint colors and measurement mishaps leading to passions igniting behind the scenes. But when their pasts collide with the present will the foundation they built withstand the final reveal?

The lovely COVER:

THE EXCERPT!: Filming began and she explained the plans to Russ and to the camera. He leaned in, their heads almost touching as he examined her sketches. Did he approve?
     His signature beach cologne drifted towards her. She was becoming addicted to the scent. Victoria wanted to bathe in it—preferably with him in the tub. Okay, okay, what’s next? Oh, the color.
     “Then, if you could white wash the …” Her mouth remained opened as the words halted in midair. The camera still rolled on.
     Russ didn’t take off his shirt as much as he stripped it off exposing a six-pack to rival any man on the cover of Men’s Health. Tan, taut skin stretched tightly across his pecs. As a child Victoria had not only been fascinated by colors but by textures. Always touching and exploring. She was no different now.
     She gripped the worktable so she wouldn’t reach out to glide her fingers over his glistening skin. If Michelangelo could travel though time he’d cry for a fresh block of marble. Though she doubted even he could replicate the chiseled perfection of Russ’s body.        
     She couldn’t remember what she was supposed to say next never mind her own name.

And, the REVIEW:

Love by Design is a fun book. Written in a sassy, light, and humorous manner, Liz Matis creates a fun contemporary romantic romp that is sure to please fans of the genre. 

I enjoy a story involving TV filming, whether it be for a sitcom, movie, or reality show. Love By Design features characters that are on a reality type show.

Victoria, the heroine, wasn't easy to like at first. She seemed a bit stuffy, oversensitive, and cold. That opinion changed quickly as she met Russ, the hunky Aussie sidekick that she was forced to work with temporaily. The sparks fly between the two, despite Victoria's attempts to not feel anything towards the man!

Russ is hilarious. I love him! He's fun, flirty, and  knows how to enjoy life. He's PERFECT for Victoria. I love the banter between them while they're on the set, and off.

The story flowed great. There's plenty of fun and laughter, and it's a light read.  The characters are enjoyable and real, the setting and pacing were perfect. 

Ms. Matis has a voice I enjoyed. This is an author to watch. I'm excited to see what more she comes out with.  If you're a fan of light contemporary romances, Love By Design awaits!

Author Bio:
Liz Matis is a mild manner accountant by day and by night a writer of fun, flirty, and fiery romps! She is a Kindle Best Seller and winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest. Married 26 years and counting she believes in happy ever afters.


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed the review and Love By Design excerpt.

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  1. So glad you liked Love By Design. Thank you for the lovely review,

  2. Great review! I love the cover for Love by Design, the blurb and the excerpt make this book sound like a very fun read. Thanks for sharing.