Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Monday Blues Promotion- May 7th

I know I skipped last week. Things just got a bit crazy. But the Monday Blues fun has returned, ready with an all new theme!

Rules refresher:

The comments section is WIDE OPEN! Authors, you may post your excerpts revolving around today's theme, with the title, author name (Sometimes it doesn't always show up correctly as the commenter), and a buy link if possible, or at least where the book can be found.

Keep the excerpt length to no more than 750 words. 

Tell your friends! Share the post! The more people that come to see, the better chances someone may want to get your book!

So, for today's theme is.....................Interruption!  

What I mean is....say your characters are about to to the "Ahem" Deed, and something stops them?  Or maybe lead characters are having a very important conversation that they can't seem to finish because of an interruption. 

Make it fun! Be creative! Now, let's see those excerpts!

Until next time,

Storm Goddess


  1. This excerpt is taken from my debut novel, Love's Prophecy.


    Mel's fangs descended. The need to taste Breeana's blood and draw her essence into him, took over his passion. Panic mixed with bloodlust. Before his dark urges won, he pulled her arms from around his neck and held her away from his body. He stared at her up-turned face, his breath coming in short harried gasps. She looked at him, questions and confusion in her eyes. Slowly, she reached up and touched her lips.

    Mel gulped more air and took a step back.
    What the hell was he doing? He was on the verge of losing control and biting her. If that wasn't bad enough, he was more than ready to tear the pants off her body and plunge his cock into her welcoming heat. He should turn around and run. But this attraction and strange connection was stronger than his will-power. He leaned closer. Her warm, intoxicating sent filled his nostrils. Her arousal perfumed the air and sent his desire skyrocketing. The thought, she's mine and I'm hers, tore through his mind, finishing with, not just for tonight, but for all eternity.

    “Aw son,” his father's voice suddenly sneered inside his mind. “Take her. Fuck her. Drain her dry. You know you want to.”

    Cold fear gripped Mel's stomach with an iron fist. He stumbled as he took another step back.

    “Do it, you sniveling worm,” his father snarled. “She's just another human. Or does she mean more to you?” Insane laughter buzzed through Mel's mind. “She does.” More laughter. “Well, my son, you know what happens to those you care about. They always wind up dead!”

    “Mel?” Breeana asked.

    The sound of her softly spoken question pulled his mind back, silencing his father's voice. He needed to get the hell away from her before he lost control. Mel willed his fangs to retract, then inhaled deep. The sweet scent of her need rushed up his nostrils almost knocking him on his ass.

    “Mel? Are you okay?” She took a tentative step toward him.
    is body trembled as he struggled with his warring thoughts and desires. Suddenly, anger ignited in him, burning away his common sense. One taste! He wanted one taste of heaven before he disappeared out of her life!

    Restraint snapping, Mel lunged for her. The moment their lips touched, his soul opened up, drawing in her warmth and passion. It filled him with happiness and life. Every fiber screamed with the joy of it. Christ, the taste, the feel of her in his arms made him feel like he was coming unhinged.

    He was drowning and in desperate need of a life preserver, and that life preserver was her lips. And like a man caught in the churning surf, fighting to stay afloat, he went for it.

    With a moan of desperation, he kissed her with all his pent up desires, frustrations, and fears. Her tongue caressed his as she pressed her supple body flush against his.

    He was lost.

    They clung to one another in a frenzy of desire, neither one aware of their surroundings, only of their ferocious need.

    “What do we have here? A slayer and his dinner? How disgusting.”

    Mel released Breeana's lips with a quick jerk. His jaw dropped open as he stared with horror at a male and female demon standing five feet away from them. The female eyed him coldly. Hatred rolled off her in menacing black waves.

  2. Interruption Excerpt from DARK NIGHT OF THE MOON, a western wolf shape-shifter (Romance).
    Setup - In this scene the heroine, Lauren, is out for a pleasant ride when its interrupted by a strange man in the woods. Thank you for reading. If you'd like to know more about Dark Night of the Moon, you can read the reviews here on Kindle:

    An urgent need to see the pond led her across an open, snow-covered field. At the end of the pasture stood a dense crop of birch, their branches sprouting from the white trunks like naked sentries. Of all days, she shouldn’t go to the pond today—the place she conceived her son. Creed’s son. She couldn’t bear the ache in her heart when he came around. Perhaps, the ice-encrusted lake, a sacred place in her mind, might diminish the pain.

    A pair of Cardinals circled overhead, landed on the trunk of an oak and searched for insects. To her right, a Red-bellied Woodpecker hammered away at an Aspen for his morning meal. Small critters scampered away from Sally’s heavy footsteps. It appeared everything on God’s cold earth had important tasks to tend to this morning, and every thought in her befuddled head centered on Brand and Creed and the insufferable triangle connecting them.
    The screech of an owl split the air and Sally shied to the side. Lauren patted her neck and spoke to the mare in soothing tones. “Zev said you were mild-mannered. Are you out to prove him a liar or like me, are you edgy today?”

    With a shake of her head, the mare blew a puff of steam though her nostrils.

    “That’s my good girl,” Lauren said. “I’ll tell you a story about another horse. I named him Adobe and he could run faster than the wind.” She put her face to the sun and willed the tears from her eyes. “Bad men rode into Full Circle and shot arrows through his heart. The much blood. I couldn’t save him.”

    Lauren brought her head down and her heart skipped a beat. She saw something move up ahead, before the something ducked behind a trunk. An animal, a shadow from the sun? Her pulse accelerated. Why had she insisted on a ride this morning? At the moment, her idea seemed capricious if not stupid. Daphne was right; a woman shouldn’t be riding in the country alone. Renegade Indians could be on the run to Dakota Territory or hiding out from the army.
    A man stepped out from the tree. His ragged, mottled brown doeskins and gaunt face stopped her heart. Their eyes locked for a brief moment before Lauren screamed. The echo of her horror echoed through the still forest. The man’s frayed moccasins seemed to be nailed to the snow-covered floor of the woods. Sally reared on her hind legs, bellowing her terror. The mare arched her back and bucked in an attempt to break Lauren’s tight grip on the reins.
    Events meshed—the grotesque war paint on the warrior’s shriveled cheeks, Sally’s front legs thrashing, and the birds screeching their outrage. Pitched from the horse’s back, she tumbled heels over head several times and hit the hard ground. The world spun around her and lights exploded behind her eyelids. If only I’d remembered my pistol.

    She crawled on her hands and knees seeking refuge from the hostile lying in wait to kill her. Not again, Dear God, not again. In the distance, her mount’s tail rode the wind as the horse galloped for home. Come back, Adobe, please come back.

    Pain shot through every muscle in her body. She lifted a gloved hand to her head and cringed from the blood staining the fingers. A frigid wave of ice enveloped her. If the savage didn’t kill her, the frozen ground soon would.

    Lauren entered a cold, dark tunnel, her last thought before losing consciousness of her son, Finn. If not for Creed, he’d be an orphan soon.

    * * *
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    And thanks so much for reading, Keta

  3. Timing can be everything – and every once in a while, a bad thing. This interruption is an excerpt from The Lost Lord. Available now at and

    Pulling her closer, he brushed his lips over her throat. Shivers broke out across her skin, and danced along her nerves, sending a tingle to every sensitive spot. The warmth of his hand resting on her hip branded her through the thin pajama bottoms she wore.
    “What happens if the veils collapse? Will he be freed?”
    Contact between his lips and her flesh broke at the question. She regretted the loss but couldn’t relax with the unanswered nipping at her mind.
    He rolled onto his back and gazed up at the plastic stickers covering her ceiling where an orange sun took up most of the space. The sticker was new, and she wondered if it replaced one that Vance had destroyed.
    “Vance’s freedom will be the least of our worries. If the veils collapse, it is the end of the world. The fools determined to rip down those walls don’t understand each side needs the other. Refugees are already trying to take over. More come through every day.” He ran a hand through his hair. “We need to stabilize the veils and help those who come here to adapt. I fear for the humans if paranormals lose control on this side. Things are different; we are different in this place.”
    “We’ll fix it somehow.” She wanted to reassure him and remove the stress tightening his muscles and flushing the color from his skin. He pressed a kiss into her palm.
    At peace for the first time in two centuries, her eyes drifted closed as he pulled her against his body. Leonard tried to nudge his way between them. After determining there was no space, he laid on top of them. She rolled to face Lucas. Leonard huffed and jumped off the bed.
    “How long have I been down?”
    “A few nights. I was were not getting up. I carried you here, tried to feed you.” His voice broke. “You would not eat. We had to find a vein and force blood into your body. Once you could swallow, I fed you.”
    “Hmm.” Her hand trailed down the firm lines of his abdominal muscles. “I want some more.”
    “You’re still weak,” he protested in a soft voice, while her exploration moved lower. She ignored him and continued to explore the ridges and planes of his form. Her body gaining strength by the minute, powered by the blood he’d provided, and the passion breaking through her earlier haze.
    “I’m fine.” The wandering path of her hands grew focused and bolder as she assured him.
    A bulge, his erection, hardened under her palms. She sucked in a breath; the thickness beneath her hand pulsed and lengthened. He radiated heat, burning her through his rough denim jeans.
    “You do feel good,” he murmured. She tugged at a button, struggling with the fastenings on his pants.
    Alive, she lay beside him relishing the freedom to explore him and their future. The idea fueled her need to celebrate.
    A cell phone disturbed her play. He groaned and rolled to his side, picking up a small black mobile on the bedside table, and operating it with quick, sure movements. Discovering she missed the time when he didn’t know how to use modern technology, she wanted to smash the device.
    “Damn.” He sat. “Are you up to moving around?”
    “Yes.” She smiled at his question and tried to coax him closer.
    “Good, we have a big night.” He kissed her, and shifted to move off the bed. Staring at him in confusion, she reached down to rub the softening bulge of his cock.
    “I hope so.”
    He laughed. “Later, I promise. Xander is waiting for us at court right now.”


    I hope you enjoyed this little gem. Happy Reading!
    Danella Faye