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LIsa Mondello Guests!

Happy April! Today, I have Lisa Mondello on my blog. Please welcome Lisa, and comment on today's post. Show some love.

The Pact by Lisa Mondello

Have you ever made a pact with a friend?  Maybe you were in high school and you and your girlfriends made a pact that you’d meet after college and travel Europe together before settling into work life.  Perhaps you promised your BFF that you’d live within blocks of each other so you’d never lose touch.

I personally made a marriage pact with a close male friend when I was in college.  If we weren’t married by the time we were 30, we’d marry each other.  I got married at 27 to my husband of 21 years so that story ends there.  But while writing THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT I got to wondering what happens when you reach that magic age and you’re still single!

In THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT, Cara and Devin make a marriage pact.  On one drunken night during Cara’s 18th birthday, Devin scribbles a marriage proposal on the back of a birthday card.  If they’re both single when they’re 35 years old, they’ll marry each other.  Then he left and they forgot about it until one day as Cara’s 35th birthday approaches, her mother, Ruthie, finds the old card and decides to take matters into her own hands. 

I love reunion stories and this one has always held a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons.  The first is obvious.  I did exactly what Cara and Devin did.  I’d made a marriage pact with a close friend.  But fate stepped in and we’re now both married to other people and both very happy that way.  For Cara and Devin, Ruthie takes fate into her own hands and helps things along.  THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT is book 2 in my Fate with a Helping Hand series which includes ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU, THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT and THE KNIGHT AND MAGGIE’S BABY.

Have you ever made a marriage pact with anyone?  Tell me your story!  I will be giving away a copy of THE KNIGHT AND MAGGIE’S BABY to one commenter today.  So don’t be shy.  Leave a comment for a chance to win!

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  1. Actually no I never made a marriage pact. In fact I look back and there is no one that I would have married when I got older. Don't get me wrong, my male friends were great but not enough to marry. LOL! I actually got married at 37 to my best friend at the time and he is still my best friend.

    Congratulations on the release.


  2. No, I haven't. I've been married since I was 17 and been married for 21 years now. I do love the sound of the book! I need to add it to my TBR pile!!

  3. This one sounds interesting and I already own it, I just need to read it LOL!

  4. Nope, no marriage pact for me either! I've been married 20 years, but the book sounds wonderful!

  5. I have never made a marriage pact. This story sounds great. I'm going to add it to my TBR list.

  6. I never made a marriage contract since I married at 19. It didn't last but now remarried to a wonderful man. I do wonder though what it would have been like to make a pact with a best friend...

  7. The closest I came to a marriage contract was a proposal I received when I was six. I love the concept.

  8. Well I guess I'm the odd man out, because I did make a marriage pact with a good friend from High School. I can't remember how old we said we would have to be, but it was probably 30 or so. But by the time I turned 30 I'd already attended his wedding and he had two kids. LOL I eventually married my husband and we're living our own HEA--most of the time. Did I ever regret not making good on the pact? Not really. We were good friends, he was a great guy, but I don't think the romance would ever have been there. Great post and sounds like a great story, too!

  9. I have never made a pact. But years later after being married now and having two children, the guy who I had a crush on told me he loved me. Lol wow talk about late. What a great sounding story.

  10. Love the premise of your story...sounds exactly like something I'd love to read. Always enjoy a good friend to lover trope!

    Congrats on your book...adding it to my TBR pile now.

  11. This sounds very interesting. Congrats on the release.

  12. I really like the sounds of your story.

    I never made a marriage pact. When I was younger I didn't want to get married and have kids--lol, see how things change as we grow up? Been married for 21 years and have two boys.

  13. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Wow, I never thought I was in the minority on this! Jenna, I guess it's just you and me. Ella, you got the proposal at six? That kid started early!

    I'm glad my HEA turned out the way it did. My husband and I will be married 21 years on April 6th and together we've raised 4 children. So life is good. As for my friend, he's married and has two beautiful boys of his own.

    Thanks for the comments about THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT. Do stop by again tomorrow to see who wins a copy of THE KNIGHT AND MAGGIE'S BABY, book 3 of the Fate with a Helping Hand series. Oh, and if you want all 3 books of the series, Fate with a Helping Hand is available as a box set at a discount!

  14. No, I've never made a marriage pact with anyone.....sometimes I wish I had already have a copy of The Knight and Maggie's Baby and The Marriage Contract so don't enter me in the contest just wanted so show some love!

  15. Okay a bit late but loved this post. Not a marriage pact but a contract of sorts was made to help a friend out (long story). Anyway, it turned out to be happily ever after for the both of us... 9 years and counting.

    Congrats on the release! I love the premise and can't wait to read this one.

  16. Congratulations to Marika for winning a copy of THE KNIGHT AND MAGGIE'S BABY. I entered everyone in the drawing and used to choose the winner. Thank you all for participating! My next stops for the month of April will be featuring my new series TEXAS HEARTS, so be sure to watch for that on my website and check back here at Storm Goddess Book Reviews for my Texas Hearts stop on April 27th!

  17. And I was worried you wouldn't get any visitors (I saw your post Nikki about forgetting to announce)! Different sort of pact: 4 high school friends used the weejee (sp?) board to ask when we'd get married. It only answered 1 of us, but gave a date so far in the future we laughed & put the darn board away. Guess what happened... M. S. Spencer

    1. That's where my great buddies and readers come into play- they came to my rescue and showed some love! :) Thanks for stopping by.