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Interview and Review with Christine Warner!

Welcome Christine Warner to Storm Goddess Book Reviews!

How long have you been writing? Did you always know you wanted to write for publication?
I’ve been writing seriously for about 3 years. I’ve always written (don’t all authors say that? Lol) and known I wanted to write romance and eventually be published. So I’m pretty lucky to have succeeded :) 

Plotter or write from the seat of your pants?
I’m what I term as having one leg in and one leg out…One leg is inside the pant leg and I plot and write up outlines to a certain point…but leave room to make changes. I don’t think I could plot out every single detail. The other leg is outside the pant leg because I still like to follow the simple outline, but I also give myself room to let the story change direction.

How many genres do you write in? If one, do you ever think you'll venture into another genre, completely different from what you write now?
I write light-hearted romantic suspense as well as contemporary. I could see myself maybe doing a paranormal, but it would probably be geared toward ghost stories because I enjoy those. Or maybe if I get daring I’d like to try erotica. Might be kind of fun :) 

What's a writing day like for you? How do you keep a routine and set the mood for writing?
I usually wake up about 5 – 5:30 and start by going through emails, visiting blogs and feeding my addiction to all the social media sites. LOL. Then I try and work on my current WIP. If the mood isn’t there for that, I work on writing blogs or reading about craft. I’m lucky because I have most of the morning and early afternoon to work. I only work outside the home on weekends…and on those days I get nothing writing related done. As for setting the mood, I like it quiet…no music, no television…nothing.

Let's talk about your release, Some Like it in Handcuffs. I absolutely LOVE the title, by the way. I knew just by the title that this book would be funny, charming, and wonderful. ( And no, readers, I promise there was no money involved for me to write that! ) How did the idea come about for this book?
Thanks, I’m so glad you liked it :) You aren’t going to believe this, but here goes. The title actually popped into my head and I liked it. From that title, the characters and plot and storyline were born and from that I actually have come up with 4 other titles that I’ve outlined so I can write about all of Sunny Kennedy’s brothers. Each title starts with Some Like it…

How long did it take you to write your first draft of the book, and how many revisions and edits did you do to polish it up?
I have another weird writing habit. I don’t usually write a first draft. I write an outline, and it generally ranges from about 2 to 5 pages. I follow this and write my story, but I also edit as I write. So by the time I’m finished with a manuscript, it’s done except for critiques. I can’t seem to move onto the next chapter unless I know the previous ones are pretty much set. As for Some Like it in Handcuffs, this was my first book. I was learning while I wrote and every time I learned something new from critique partners or a craft book, I applied it to my story. This made for a long writing process because I ended up having to start at word one and work my way through the story several times…I think I did that so many times I could recite the book in my sleep. lol So, by the time I was done with the manuscript and ready to submit, it was close to a year.

What are you working on now?
I’m actually working on Some Like it on the Run featuring Sunny’s brother Derek. I hope to have that completed shortly and subbed. I only have about 6 more chapters to go I think :)
I’m also finishing up a contemporary romance titled Love on the Line that I hope to sub to my editor at Entangled Publishing very soon :)

What do you hope to accomplish this year in your writing career?
To keep learning, because I don’t think you ever stop improving. And of course to write some great reads, three to four if possible. That’d be awesome!

How do you plan on/ how are you celebrating release day?
I don’t know how exciting you’ll consider this, but I’m looking forward to it. My hubs and I are ordering pizza and hanging around the house. Are we dull or what? Lol As for the daytime part of my release, I’m sure I’ll be on the computer most of the day visiting blogs and social media sites and smiling from ear to ear!

What's the hardest part about writing a book? Easiest?
The hardest part is the self-doubt that sometimes looms over you. I’m just thankful it’s not a constant. There are days I feel great about every word I write, and days that I want to delete every word I write. LOL
The easiest, at least for me, is coming up with storylines and characters. I have so many story’s planned and plotted in my future works file you’d be surprised. I just don’t think I’ll have time to write them all, but I’m going to try!

Name five books in your TBR ( to be read) pile?
Oooh…my tbr pile is way out of control. I have so many books on my Nook and on the floor beside my bed I’m embarrassed. I just don’t have time to read like I used to. I have my awesome friend Brenda Dyer’s book, Love’s Prophecy, on my list. (I’m excited about this one because I promised myself I’d expand my horizons and read outside the genres I normally read…and Brenda’s book is about a vampire and I’m hearing wonderful things about it.) I also bought a book by Allison Merritt titled The Treasure Hunter’s Lady that I’m looking forward to opening. I’m also a huge Harlequin Romance fan and have a stack of those that I keep buying at the store each week…and I’m way behind on reading them. See how bad I am? lol

Five books on your keeper shelf.

The Bible :) 
GMC by Debra Dixon (yep, a book about craft…lol)
1984 by George Orwell
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
And pretty much any romance book that holds my attention and thoughts long after the story has ended.

What are some of your favorite hobbies/ pastimes outside of writing?
I love to cook and take walks, especially in the fall. I enjoy a good laugh and spending time with my family…because for some reason they make me laugh! I love board games And my hubs and I are starting to travel a bit more in the summer, nice long road trips like we used to do when we were first married, and I love it!

Could you ever co-author a book with someone? Who would be your ideal writing partner, and what would you write?
This sounds horrible, but I don’t think I could or would co-author with someone. I think trying to mesh two author’s works would be asking for trouble. I think writing is a solitary occupation. At least for me. I could see maybe writing a book with stories from several authors, but not trying to collaborate on one story. And for those who can do that, more power to you :) 

What is a talent you wish you had, but don't?
I wish I could play the piano. My daughter plays and I’ve always loved listening. When she was little and had recitals, I would close my eyes while she played and just let the music take me away. There’s something so soothing about the piano.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
LOL…I just discussed this on my blog on one of my Friday Fun Facts posts. I’m going to go with the super power of speed….think of all I could accomplish in a day!

If you could spend a day with any person from the past, who would it be? What would you do?
I’d love to spend one more day with my mom and dad. Does that count? They’re from my past. They’ve been gone about 5 years now and I think about them everyday. As for what we’d do, just spend the day together laughing and talking…and of course enjoying my dad’s awesome spaghetti with the bestest, most ginormous meatballs ever! YUM!!!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done/had to ask for research?
This is a tough one. I can’t think of anything really crazy. I do have plans to head down to the local police station and ask a few questions for a story I’m working on. I don’t know what to expect, crazy looks or annoyed ones, but I’m going to give it a try and see if they’ll answer my questions.

Now some YOU questions!

Hot or cold?
Neither…how about warm. lol

Favorite place to read?
Outside on the front porch in nice weather, otherwise in my living room. I have tons of windows in that room and there is lots of light. It’s perfect.
Favorite color?
Red. Love that color. Bright and vibrant. When I painted my kitchen red everyone thought I was crazy, but after it was finished I got tons of compliments on it. It’s one of my favorite rooms…the color just makes you feel alive!

Favorite food-
I love Italian food…pizza, pasta…you just can’t go wrong!

What is something you can't live without (besides loved ones).
At this point I’m going with my laptop. I’m obsessed with writing and love being able to create characters and new stories.

What is a type of book/writing style/genre you'd love to see make a comeback?
Okay, I’m probably going to get dinged for this, but I used to get the biggest kick out of reading the old bodice ripper books. LOL…is that bad? To this day my sister and I will laugh about how the heroes in those stories were so arrogant. Our favorite thing they’d ask the heroine afterward was, “I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you all right?”
That just makes me laugh. If the hero tried some of the stuff nowadays that he got away with back then, any self respecting heroine would bop him upside the head. As well she should! lol

Tell us something that readers don't know about you.
I have a slight addiction to Hallmark Christmas ornaments. I have so many ornaments I could probably decorate at least 3 full sized trees. I just can’t stop myself, though I do limit my yearly consumption of new additions to 3 :) 

Anything you'd like to share?
Only that I enjoyed visiting your blog and I so appreciate you taking the time to read my book. I’m thrilled you liked it. And I want to thank everyone for coming by! This was fun :) 

Thank you, Christine, for taking the time to answer my nosy little questions and for stopping by. It has been fun. I loved reading your answers!

BLURB:  Sunny Kennedy, the only female in a family of blue blood male detectives, is determined to prove testosterone isn’t the only qualification required to solve a cold case. Handcuffed while undercover then taken to the precinct by an attractive detective, her domineering family demands she work with Detective Judson Blackwolf, or she’s off the case.
Judson Blackwolf thinks women in law enforcement should work behind the scenes. The prospect of working with his Captain’s sexy daughter doesn’t thrill him. He only agrees in hopes of solving the murder of his one time mentor’s daughter. Once the case is over, he’s moving to Montana to heal his wounds from the loss of his last partner.
But when their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Sunny and Jud soon realize their feelings for each other cannot be denied.

My Thoughts:  I knew from the sound of the title that i was going to be in for a fun and exciting ride. I was not mistaken.  Some Like it in Handcuffs kept me glued to the pages from start to finish. Sunny makes for a great heroine, and she's so sassy, smart, and independent. her quirky but lovable family cracked me up. Despite how they treat her sometimes, being the only woman in the family, they do it with the right intentions, even if it doesn't always look that way. And Judson, whoa! He is a perfect match for Sunny! 

The sexual (And non) tension between the two could start a fire. Electric! Wow. You can tell there's definite chemistry from the get go, even when Sunny doesn't want to admit it.

Christine Warner's debut novel will thrill readers that enjoy light hearted romantic suspense. There's just the right amount of suspense, angst, and drama. I felt very connected to Sunny and Judson throughout, and was very sad to see the story end when it did for the mere fact that I wasn't ready to leave these characters yet. 

I dare you to pick up this book and not enjoy it. I can't wait to revisit the Kennedy clan and anyone else that this up and coming author has to give. My advice- don't miss Some Like It in Handcuffs!

Christine is sharing an excerpt today. I hope it entices you to get yourself a copy of this book. 

 “This isn’t how I wanted it between us.” Judson grabbed the neckline of her sweater, dragging her body to meet his with a solid thump. Sunny licked her lips in answer to the question in his eyes. He lowered his head to move his mouth over hers.
Sunny closed her eyes, a small whimper escaping her lips. She didn’t want it like this either, but that wasn’t possible. Unable to resist her attraction she accepted it wasn’t an affair, or a long distance romance she craved, but for him to love her back. It was all or nothing for her. Her heart sank. She accepted this as their goodbye kiss.
With no thought to what was happening upstairs, Sunny rose up on her toes demanding more. Her lips pulsated against Judson’s. When his hand trembled against her cheek in a soft caress she lost touch with reality.
“Judson.” Sunny’s weakened body drifted farther into Judson’s as his fingers glided down her arms, pulling them to her sides where their fingers intertwined. He forced them behind her before his tongue thrust into her mouth.
Their bodies molded together, she heard her own heartbeat and his as well when he curved his fingers around her rear and squeezed.
That’s when the click of the handcuffs against her wrist connected her to the handle of the locked cupboard.
“What the hell…Judson?” She looked up at him, her knees shook, her body still inflamed with fever.
“Like I was saying, you wait here and I’ll go upstairs to check it out. Backup’s already been called, so you’re safe until your brothers arrive.” Judson winked before walking toward the steps to the third level. Once he reached them he turned toward her and smiled. “Gotcha,” he whispered with his notorious grin.

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Christine, congratulations on your FIRST release and I wish you so many sales, and so much success!

Readers, thank you for stopping by! 

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  1. Hi Nikki! Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today and for taking the time to read Some Like it in Handcuffs!

    I'm beyond thrilled that you liked it :) Each of the characters hold a special place in my heart...and Sunny is someone I'd definitely have for a friend :)

    Happy Reading everyone!

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      I have ear plugs

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    1. Thanks Sheri!

      Hey, soundproofing is a good idea :) And I'm sure you'll be enjoying short trips soon...everything comes in good time :)

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    Christine, I'm posting a comment for a friend who can't seem to get a comment past blogger, so I'm relaying the message for her.

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    LOL, I miss the old bodice-rippers too, with the Fabulous Fabio on the cover. I have a few of them tucked away in my closet. Maybe I'll pull one out, dust it off, and read it.

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