Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Because Of The List

Blurb:  Taylor McCabe likes equations. They make sense. But one buttoned-up computer whiz plus an injured army pilot simply does not add up. It's time to get over her childish crush on Alex Worth, her brother's best friend, and find a husband. Enter The List—Taylor's ten must-have traits for a viable suitor.

But her plan goes awry when Alex insists on vetting each contender. The way he dismisses them feels like the actions of a protective boyfriend. Strangely, his attitude makes her even more attracted to him. Too bad he doesn't meet even one of her requirements….

My Thoughts:   When reading an Amy Knupp book I know I am in for am emotional, wonderful romantic story. Because of The List  was just what I imagined it would be and more. 

Taylor McCabe  is a different kind of heroine. She's a bit shy, very smart, and loves equations and lists.  She's suffered a loss that also affects childhood crush and friend Alex Worth.  Alex is back in town and goes to see how Taylor is doing and comes across her list. 

Alex is one of those tortured heroes. He's been through hell and back. He's seen his fair share of losses. It's time to deal with his past. 

Full of heart, this contemporary does not disappoint. Ms. Knupp puts together two opposites and shows readers that anyone can fall in love despite the vast amount of differences between them. Alex and Taylor lean on each other somewhat to get through some hard times, and despite the fact that Alex doesn't match up with her list, well, Taylor can't help the stronger feelings she has that are now more than just a crush.

Anyone that loves a story about opposites attracting, well crafted characters, a touching story that lingers in the mind long after the last page is read, then I strongly suggest to get a copy of Amy Knupp's newest book!  It's another that will sit on my keeper shelf that I can turn to for comfort.

Because of The List can be found at many retailers, online and brick and mortar. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Harlequin's website, Wal Mart...the list goes on! 

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