Friday, November 25, 2011

Sloan's Witch Review


Blurb: While visiting from her parallel world, Kassidy finds her witch powers put to the test to help destroy an evil entity. Piece of cake for a powerful witch. Now if she could only work her magic on the sexy cop who keeps holding her at arm's length while he tries to decide if he wants to admit being in love with a witch...

My Thoughts:  I normally don't read a lot of short stories. My heart longs for the in depth characterization and plot. Sloan's Witch is a quick read and a sequel to Spell Kissed. The first line grabbed me right away and I finished up the story within a short time. It had plenty of action and fun, and it stopped all to quickly! I really enjoyed Sloan's Witch, and would have loved it to be longer, but alas, it is what it is :). 

This is my first glimpse into the writings of author Kari Thomas, and I'm already longing for more.  Sloan and Kassidy's story may but a quick read, but Ms. Thomas packs a lot of emotion and action within the pages. 

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  1. A BIG THANKS, Nikki, for the Review! You made my day!

    hugs, Kari