Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Preconceived Ideas

We always hear the phrase Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Most people have preconceived ideas about certain things. Sometimes, we can be surprised at when we try them out, that most is not what it seems.

What am i babbling about, you ask?

Okay, for me my preconceived thoughts were all erotic romances just had sex and no plot, and that I'd never enjoy them.

*Waits for the gasps, thrown tomatoes, or something*

So, a few years ago, I joined various Yahoo groups both readers loops and writers. All of a sudden I'm introduced to a whole bunch of new authors, many in genres I've never bothered to read.

But one day, I decided I'd try a book out in the erotic romance genre. 

The book was Sweet Surrender. 

And let me tell you, I was absolutely blown away by this book! Yes, it had some scenes it it that had me blushing, scenes that I'd never imagined I'd enjoy reading in a romance book. But the depth of emotion in the characters, the plot, the story line had me captivated. I am hooked. 

Yes, there are some erotic romances that are sex just for the sake of sex, and have no real underlying plot. But I've just found me a ton of new authors in this genre to try. My comfort zone has just expanded. 

Then I started reviewing. Let me tell you, I have read so many books while reviewing that I may never have picked up otherwise.  Then again, my reading horizons have broadened.  I have opened my eyes to many new genres and types of books I have politely said "No" to before.  

I still haven't jumped on board on the m/m genre, I don't read a lot of menages, and I still can't get into historicals unless they're recent or time travel, but I have been reading so many new things and enjoying it. 

So, what is a genre, or a subject in a book you've never been interested in? What would it take for you to give it a shot?

Until next time,

Storm Goddess


  1. Until I joined my crit group I rarely read outside my RS genre. What a mistake not to! I started critting in many other genres—some I didn't know existed, and I'm loving it! Absolutely don't judge a book by its cover.
    Great post.

  2. hey Storm Goddess! great post---you up for a review for me?
    I always claimed not to like paranormal romances. Now I am HOPELESSLY addicted to JR Ward's Brotherhood AND fallen angels series.

  3. Like you I seemed to constantly pick up the genres I was comfortable with and knew. But as I started critiquing and making new friends I have expanded my horizons as well....and have liked it. I've dabbled in paranormal, erotic, erotica, time travel, historicals and a few others. I pretty much have been happy with most of them that I've read. Even though I still prefer what's tried and true (for me anyway), I don't mind veering into another genre here and there to see what's out there.
    Don't judge a book by it's cover, but don't forget to learn something new everyday :)

    Nice post :)

  4. @ Jennifer- That's another great way to broaden your horizons! Good point. Another great thing about critique groups! :)

    @Liz...ahh, the paranormal- love it! And, email me at Storm goddess 925 @ yahoo . com (Without spaces of course) and let me know what yo'd like reviewed, with a blurb and I'll look out for the email :)

    @Christine- I still absolutely love my original favorite genres and will never stray away. Romantic suspense is my favorite genre and I always try to read plenty of books, new authors and established, in that genre all the time!

  5. I like any genre as long as the story is good with real, memorable characters.

  6. Your reactions sound familiar! I wrote mainstream romances until I decided to try writing erotic romances. Although I still read them, I'm heading back to writing mainstream again. F/F, M/M aren't genres that I've ventured into either as a reader or writer.

  7. I swore I'd never 'get' into sci-fi, but it took one book my Megan Hart (whom I discovered through her erotica, btw - amazing works, do check them out) and I was hooked.

    The book is Exit Light, and from Carina Press. I loved it, and it's made me look at scifi as not just Star Wars-type of plots but things that can have much more depth and character development

  8. @ Marianne- I haven't ventured towards either of those as a reader or writer as well. One day? perhaps. I don't know. For now, I haven't done so.

    @Zee- I wasn't a big sci fi fan before either, other than anything with weather. My husband got me into watching Stargate SG1. I never thought I'd enjoy it, but darn it, I am hooked! We have the whole SG1 Series on DVD and are up to season 6 right now, then we'll venture into Stargate Atlantis.

  9. Storm Goddess,
    Great post. There are so many new things out there, new authors, new takes on old stories, entire new genres that come and go. It's great reading about people who are open minded and trying new stuff.
    Thanks for the post.
    A.M. Burns

  10. Great post! I was like that too. I love Paranormal Romance (and write it), and love most of the other genres. I was a bit hesitant in reading the Historical Romance but finally took the plunge and realized I enjoyed them. Im now venturing into reading the SciFi Romance....

    hugs, Kari Thomas,