Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Mr. Insatiable

Title: Mr. Insatiable

Author: Serenity Woods

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Genre: Contemporary romance

Reviewer: Jen

Review rating: 4 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Blurb: Gossip says he is hot between the sheets. Has Mr. Insatiable finally met his match?
Enya’s been curious about Kit’s bedroom exploits ever since his ex-girlfriend spilled the beans about his…skill. But he’s not for her. Enya can’t provide what he wants from life, especially not between the sheets.
After Enya admits she’s not good at sex, Kit persuades her to trust in him. Together, they can create fireworks in the bedroom. A few drinks followed by a discussion about kinky sex, and Enya succumbs to his charm.
Thrilled he’s been proven correct, Kit can’t keep his hands off Enya, and she’s unable, and unwilling, to resist him. But is it just great sex…or something more?
CONTENT WARNING: Sexy, sizzling hot romance. Please read with air conditioning on.

Review: This was a book that was a little predictable, but still an enjoyable read. The sex is hot and there is plenty of it! Enya and Kit {or should I say "Kinky Kit!"}have been family friends since she was ten years old, and have always been very close. When they attend Enya's brothers wedding, they share a kiss and sparks fly! Suddenly they no longer are thinking familial thoughts; instead they are both pondering whether to take this attraction further or not. Enya has had a trauma in her past with drastic results because of it, so she has troubles with her relationships with men. Just recently her boyfriend cheated on her and she is trying to overcome that as well. Her sexual experience is very limited, so she decides to throw caution to the wind and mentions to Kit that she needs help in the area of "loving!" They share a hot night and then decide one night will not be enough! Kit and Enya are going on a trip together for four days and have come to the conclusion; what happens on a trip - stays on a trip! They have four days of hot, passionate sex and are enjoying every minute of it! What happens to the two of them when they go home? There is one huge road block that could destroy everything that has developed between these two. Will they be able to over come it?
This read is short, but fully entertaining and the chemistry between Enya and Kit is on fire! I loved them together both romantically and for the emotional bond that they both shared. Even though Kit is "Mr. Insatiable," he also has a soft side, and he wants a wife and children so bad. Enya is a woman who I can totally respect because even though she went through something extremely traumatic, she didn't let it define who she was. She also didn't let the trauma dictate her life, and with determination she rose above it and carved a wonderful life for herself.
Even though this book does have a lot of sex in it, there is a great story with some substance to it as well. I look forward to finding out what other books Serenity Woods has written because I do like her style of writing. This is a book I would enjoy rereading down the road.

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