Friday, October 26, 2012

Follow Me Friday: Blog Style October 26

Hi! Welcome to Follow Me Friday: Blog Style! I believe that book bloggers should help one another, because well, we all have one thing in common- the love of blogging, and books. I've had the pleasure of meeting and networking with some great bloggers out there, and my little tribute to everyone is to start up this fun Friday post! The power of uniting has helped Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More grow into what it is today, and I'm not about to forget the help I've gotten to achieve this goal. My hope in starting this is to get other blogs some more followers, whether they are a well-known blog or a small one, a blog that's just starting out. I'm here to help.

This Friday I'd like to feature Footsteps of a Writer. The owner/create of this blog is Cher Green. I hope you'll follow along as I ask some questions pertaining to the blog, and a few fun questions. Ready? Let's begin!

Hi! Welcome to Storm Goddess Book Reviews and More! I'm really excited about this, and glad that you have taken part of the fun!

So, tell us a little bit about yourself! By day, I’m a rural mail carrier. By night, I’m a writer, blogger, and tarot enthusiast. I began my life journey in Spring Hill, TN, the middle of three children. I now reside in South Carolina. My mission in life is to share my gifts with others, and to help others in their journey to success.

What made you decide to start a blog? I began Footsteps of a Writer as a way to introduce myself to the world of writing. Now, as a published author, it is an extension of promotion for both my work and other writers’ work. The blog focuses on writers, but also extends to readers wanting to know more about their favorite writers.

How did you come up with a blog name? I wanted to allow readers and writers to follow me in my writing journey, therefore Footsteps of a Writer.

How long has your blog been live/active? The blog began in August of 2009.

What type of things do you do? You’ll find updates on my works/publications, interviews with other writers, book reviews, writing advice, techniques for writing using the Tarot, and so much more.

What are THREE unique things about your blog? My blog come to you from a personal viewpoint of a writer just starting out. It’s more than a promotional tool, it’s a place to go and be with writers/readers who share your interests. You never really know what you might find – In 2010, we stepped through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. It was an enjoyable journey. I’m now stepping through it once again, on my Tarot Guidance blog.

How do you go about spreading the word about your blog, and the posts? You can get updates through Twitter:, or Facebook:

What's the best thing about blogging? I enjoy writing the posts, the interaction with both other writers and readers, and offering advice from my own experiences.
What's the hardest thing about being a blogger? The time, every post takes a little time from my writing, but in the end it’s worth it. It allows for writing practice and as said above a healthy form of interaction with people. A writer’s life tends to get lonely sometimes.

Besides blogging, what are some of your other hobbies and passions? I’m a huge tarot enthusiast, and anything spiritual. Most of my writing includes a touch of paranormal, so research is more than a job, it’s an enjoyment.

Which author have you not hosted on your blog that you'd LOVE to have? Anyone that knows me knows the answer to this one. Stephen King. Huge fan!

Where can readers find you? Most everything can be found on my Author’s Page – I can also be followed through twitter and Facebook, links above.

How would an author go about getting a feature, whether it be, an interview, guest post, etc? I’m always open to having guests on the blog. Simply email me at chergreen at chergreen dot com, and I’ll be more than happy to set something up. My blog is your blog, writers/readers always welcomed.

Most memorable post/event? I would have to say it was the day I changed my sub-title from ‘A walk with an aspiring writer.’ to ‘A walk with a n aspiring published writer.’ This would have been in February of 2011, when my short story, Friends Forever published with Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.

Let's share some firsts!

First post: Other than the Welcome Post, my first official post was ‘Some Thoughts on Writing.’

First author interview: Interview with Terry W. Ervin II

First great compliment about your blog: Every compliment is great. Can’t really recall the first one, but each time someone finds my blog useful/entertaining it’s a great day.

First time your quote has been put in a book- whether it be print or ebook) A quote appears in Asandra’s Contact Your Spirit Guides.

First publisher you got to send you review requests regularly. Taking you away from this blog, I’m a review for Schiffer Books – Reviews appear both at the Examiner and Tarot Guidance.

And now for some fun questions!

Three books on your keeper's shelf. Only three! Let’s see: Stephen King’s Green Mile, Amanda Stevens’ The Restorer, Dean Koontz’s Icebound. Of course, there’s many, many, more.

Favorite authors? Steven King, Dean Koontz, John Saul…
Favorite TV show? At the moment, Grimm.

Favorite color? It would be a draw between blue and purple, depending on my mood.

What's your dream job? Full-time Writer

If you could travel anywhere in the world, no money holding you back, where would you go? So many places! Maybe Australia.

Anything else you'd like to add in, maybe something I didn't ask in the interview that you'd love to share with readers? I do believe you covered everything. What a wonderful interview. Thank you so much for having me.

I really appreciate you answering my questions. It's great getting to know other bloggers that share the same interests as I do. Before we end this post, please share any links that come in handy for you and your blog.

Readers, I hope you'll check out this blog and give it a follow if you haven't already!


  1. Thanks for the spotlight on Footsteps of a Writer - I'll definitely check it out

  2. And which Stephen King is your favorite? Or do you have one?

  3. Fun to get to know you Cher. Will be checking out the blog.

  4. Nikki, Thank you for having me on the blog. The interview was fun.

    Thank you all for checking out 'Footsteps of a Writer'. It's been an enjoyable journey. I'm honored to have you visit, and possibly stay a while. :)

    Roxy, My favorite? Hard to narrow that down, but I'd say The Tommy Knockers, The Dark Half, and Under the Dome would probably be my top three picks.

  5. Cher, I was honored to be the first interview for your Footsteps of a Writer. Hope someday you get that Stephen King interview!

  6. Terry,

    I am honored to have you as one of the blog's first. SK - yep, that would be something!

  7. After all this time and I had no idea I was your first guest. That's pretty darn kewl. Great interview, Cher and Nikki. It was nice getting to know you better, Cher. I worked as a mail sorter for years when my sons were small. That's something else we have in common.

  8. Joylene,

    This was a fun interview. Glad you enjoyed. Wow, another connection. We may need to sit down and talk about this. In another life, we may have been relatives or close friends. The energies of this world tend to throw people into each others' paths more than once.