Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Release Review: Restless Harmony by Kylie Gilmore

Jazz singer Zoe Davis is facing eviction due to a teensy, ill-advised fling with her landlord, so when Gabe Reynolds offers the apartment over his garage, Zoe knows better than to get involved with her landlord again. No matter how smoking hot he is.

Former shark lawyer Gabe returns to Clover Park for the stress-free lifestyle only to corner the market on ridiculous “legal” cases. When Zoe comes to him asking for legal advice, Gabe’s solution is a shock even to him.

Gabe’s got good reason to avoid anything permanent, so when Zoe tells him she’ll only be staying a month, he figures it’s the perfect situation. But when passion flares this hot, someone is bound to get burned.

Review Rating: 4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS

Review:  Clover Park is back with the story of Zoe and Gabe in Restless Harmony.  As per usual and much to my liking, we get to see a few other Clover Park characters make a cameo in the story, all the while giving us a new couple to love with Zoe and Gabe.

Zoe's family is full of entertainers who have made it to their own big time, but Zoe still struggles. As a jazz singer, her band hasn't made their big break. She's also unlucky in love, and her biggest goal right now is to finally strike a deal and sing her songs. She's got one pretty big problem though, until Gabe sweeps in and helps her out.

Gabe is dealing with the crazies of small town life. Once a shark lawyer, he now has the nit picky type things to deal with in Clover Park. Amusing to the readers, not so much for poor Gabe.  He comes off as sweet, sexy, and a few times, the man annoyed me with his pushiness and he has a hint of a jealous streak. Or at least, that's how he came off to me. Kind of annoying. However, I overlooked that easily  because he's so sexy.  Then it came time to his real inner fears which he never let on to anyone and I totally felt for him. I wanted to reach in the book and give him a big hug. I do love that he wanted to make every dream of Zoe's come true. Some of the things he does in the story made me go "Awww." 

The couple has a lot of obstacles to go through, and while Gabe is open to the idea of love, Zoe has her reservations, some of them having to do with more than her music career. The two butt heads at times because of Gabe's over eagerness to get what he wants, but in the end run, I totally rooted for them!  When you open your heart to the possibility of a real love, anything can happen, no matter what the fears and dreams are. Sometimes, things don't always go as planned either, but occasionally, they make for the best surprises.

Kylie Gilmore is known for her humor and wit, but the last few stories she's also hit me with a lot of emotional feelings. I admit there were a few times I teared up reading this story. And now I'm having a dilemma because there are a few fictional small towns I'd love to go live in and I don't know how to make my rounds to them all. Oh wait, yes I do. I'll just have to keep revisiting the creations made by the author. Once again, Ms. Gilmore knocks it out of the park with another stellar read which kept me turning the pages. I can always count on a laugh and a cry, and characters to fall in love with. 

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